Develop effective software products and services

...create secure and flexible high performance software architectures

Build your applications to be scalable within the cloud

...deploy your applications as flexible, scalable services

Strategic partnerships for long term benefits the best suppliers and partners for your technology needs

Develop and support your software products and services from any location

...geographically distributed teams provide great operational flexibility

Access applications and data from anywhere in the world

...provide your customers or employees with the flexibility to work any time anywhere

Effective technology through effective people and communication

...harness technology and lead people to create business opportunity


What we do

Pyxisys Communications was formed in 2004 to provide senior technology management expertise, technology and digital strategy development, software development and technical support services to help develop your company and software technology product or service.

We enable you to make the most appropriate technology decisions in a range of areas such as process and KPIs, recruitment, technology platform, product roadmap, strategic technology partnerships and software architecture, and avoid the costly mistakes that arise from poor technology choices. We focus on your technology needs so that you can focus on your core business.

Please contact us for further information and a no-obligation initial consultation.


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